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Networking to suit your needs

Mooninternet's strategy is to provide organisations with a wide range of high quality data and telecoms channel packages. Mooncomputers in the management seat our helpful and knowledgeable support team can communicate to all elements of the supply chain, resolving issues quickly and efficiently. Through DSL Plus our sister company we are able to offer a wide range of broadband services tailored for all customers. We understand the needs of industries such as telecoms, media and IT support companies and would be happy to help design products lines to suit your needs.

  • IP Stream ADSL (up to 8mbit download and 832k upload)
  • IP Stream ADSL2 (up to 24mbit download and 1.3mbit upload)
  • IP Stream SDSL (up to 2mbit download and upload)
  • LLU ADSL (up to 8mbit download and 832k upload)
  • LLU ADSL2 (up to 24mbit download and 2.5mbit upload)
  • BT 21CN (up to 24mbit download and 2.5mbit upload)
  • LLU SDSL (up to 2mbit download and upload with contention as low as 1:1)
  • Bonded Broadband (multiple circuits bonded to create a larger physical lease lines)
  • Satellite broadband for temporary service, rural and hard to get to places, such as the Yas Marina wifi project
  • FTTC Fibre to the cabinet
  • BT infinity & Virgins Fibre server

Web Hosting

As you would expect from a premier service provider, we will endeavour to undertake all your requirements from domain registration to web site design along with a package of hosting scenarios to suit all needs, from a simple home page, right through to an E-commerce database driven site, our aim is to give a turnkey solution. Contact us now with your requirements and leave the rest up to us


Whether you want a domain name for your personal or company web site, just email or to protect it from competitors and other people Mooninternet provide registration services for almost every domain name extension.

We will register and park your desired domain name from only £15 per year. Other services such as hosting and email can be added as desired.

Nominet terms and conditions


Personalised email address With our personalised email address package you can choose your own prefix (the words before the @ sign) to any of the following domain names.

Exclusive Email account For £26 per year Mooninternet will register an available .uk domian name of your choice and provide an email account to use with it. Further email accounts can be added to the domain for only £5.50 per year.

Satellite Broadband

For temporary service, rural and hard to get to places. Follow our great success story to supply Whittlebury Golf and Country Club with temporary satellite broad band service in support of 5,000 campers over the Silverstone F1 weekend we now can supply broadband anywhere!

Customer Service Level Agreement

Please contact Martin Brown using one of the contact methods below, outside of office hours please email us at We will to respond to all points of contact within 1 business day and aim to resolve any issues you have within 5 business days.

Abuse email address/process

If you wish to raise a complaint about abuse you have received (phishing scams, spam emails etc.), please contact us at with as much detail about the abuse. We will investigate your complaint immediately. Or abuse complaints:

Complaints and escalation process

Here at Mooncomputers we like to think we get it right all the time, every time but the truth of it is everyone gets it wrong from time to time. We can only improve on our services with valid feedback from you, our customers.

If you wish to make a complaint about a service you have received, please submit an email to us at including as much detail from the issue you have. We will acknowledge your complaint within 1 business day and aim to resolve any issues within 5 business days.

If you're not happy with the initial outcome of your complaint and its regarding your .uk domain name, please feel free to escalate your issue to Nominet (the .uk registry) here

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