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Cloud servers & disaster recovery

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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers allow you to build powerful, secure and scalable hosted solutions designed to deliver business critical services. The highspecification Dell servers are available with a range of operating systems and installed software to provide compatibility with applications, databases and software.

Our range of servers offer a choice of configurations, all with Intel multicore processors, to enable the perfect fit for our customers requirements.

Dedicated servers are an ideal alternative to locally managed or on-premise servers, as they are hosted in Rise's state-of-the-art datacenters, offering complete security, power and network resiliency and full environmental controls. Users have complete control over the server, including full root access and ability to shut down, restart or rebuild the server at any time.

Disaster recovery

Unplanned IT system loss can occur at any time through human error, hardware fault, malicious act or site disaster. The ramifications are likely to be dramatic or even catastrophic on a company's ability to trade and operate. Many businesses are required to implement business continuity plans to comply with insurance requirements, whilst others do it for good governance and to protect their investment. Knowing where to begin and how to simplify the process stops many businesses before they even start.

Key benefits

  • Unlimited bandwidth with 100Mbps connection - no limits, no fees
  • Total control of the server, with full admin-level access and Parallels Plesk control panel
  • Hard drive redundancy and mirroring with RAID 1 storage
Business continuity life cycle


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