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Disaster recovery

Mooncomputers Disaster Recovery services include comprehensive risk assessment, business continuity planning and other options such as off site data storage and standby systems.

  • Disaster recovery
  • Tape storage
  • Remote backup
  • High data availability
  • Relocation and migration
  • Data recovery
Broken hard drive

On Site Resource

We will work with you to design a solution according to those areas of your organisation that are most at risk . Solutions could cover the shipping of hardware to your offices, or the setting up of your system at another location.

Our rapid response team's objective is resolving your call. The team will rapidly bring your technical issue to a conclusion; whether that is a 'fix' or a remedy to the problem. The solution is passed back to our administration teams who can provide you with indicative quotations and honest advice, so you are able to confidently take the next step.

Mooncomputers, deliver focused Business Continuity services that offer everything from impartial assistance in planning and reducing risk, through to flexible solutions that enable you to recover quickly if there is an unavoidable failure or disaster.

Mooncomputers, does not run a contract only policy, we understand that unforeseeable situations arise. We are happy to respond to your needs as quickly as we can, working with your partners to bring your business to a operational state as quickly as possible from supply and deployment of equipment, network cabling to data recovery.


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