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It's a perfect complement or replacement to existing tape backups because of its ability to provide near-term, nearline recovery from a single file, database or mail message, up to a full production server, in minutes.

The Mooncomputers Advanced Recovery and Continuity Appliance (ARCA) is a networkattached storage device for Windows Servers that comes preloaded with all backup, recovery and virtualization software it needs to protect your business

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Your entire backup chain is replicated, giving you multiple levels of redundancy. In the event you need to failover to another site for testing or disaster scenario, you're covered. Servers are virtualized from the replicated directory on the ARCA or Vault and are up and running in record time.


  • Backs up to 10 servers
  • Backups every 15 minutes
  • Stores backups: on the NAS, an External Storage or Off-Site Datacentre
  • NAS acts as a virtual replacement for servers that fail
  • Restore failed servers to different hardware
  • Block level backups
  • Optional, the backups of the NAS can be synchronized daily with our offsite datacentres.
  • Backups and transfer are encrypted with *256-bit AES encryption
  • Restore individual files, folders and mailboxes
  • Restoring server operations in 20 minutes or less using virtualization.
  • Bare metal restorations directly off the backups, even to dissimilar hardware
  • Monitored and maintained 24/7* by our Network Operations Centre.

Bare Metal Restore

Bare Metal Restore (BMR) gives you the ability to restore to a virtual server or dissimilar hardware configuration for ease of recovery after a disaster; e.g. hardware failure. This gives you flexibility for restorations and doesn't require the cost and effort of keeping a failover server ready at all times.

To recover, perform a Bare Metal Restore from the last virtual server backup. *Additional network configuration may be needed on servers virtualized in remote locations*


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