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Fibre and Pre-term Fibre solutions

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Fibre Optic

Fibre optic cabling provides the greatest way of transporting data. It has advantages over existing copper solutions it can carry large amounts of data over longer distances. Fibre was mainly used as a link between buildings but now businesses are relying on it for faster connections and VoIP solutions within their business.

At Mooncomputers we can provide a fibre optic solution to your company or just supply the materials. Whether that means providing you with the bulk fibre

silverstone wifi layout

Multimode Fibre- 0M3 and 0M4 - Singlemode Fibre - Tight buffered loose tube - Rodent resistant and steel armoured

Pre-term solution

Pre-terminated cable solution with connectors of your choice. If you know what you are doing and want a plug and go solution then we can offer you this as well. You tell us what you need & we can provide a length of fibre with the terminated ends tested and ready to install.

silverstone wifi layout A pre-term solution is the best answer to save engineering time on site.


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