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IT departments are under increasing pressure to ensure high availability and reliability at the desktop. Poor systems performance and unplanned downtime are highly visible to users and can ultimately be very costly.

Help desk

The immediate consequences can be a decline in productivity, poor customer service and disruption to key business critical activities. But delivering desktop management that is both cost effective and dependable presents many organisations with real challenges. Today infrastructures are even more costly and resourceintensive, with support requirements increasing IT departments do not have the opportunity to lead on strategic projects.

Mooncomputers helpdesk service offers robust and cost effective multi-vendor support to meet operational requirements, freeing up your support staff to focus on more complex business issues. Guaranteed service levels provide increased end-user 'up-time' and decreased disruption to core business activities. Backed up with maintenance contracts to ensure that your equipment is supported from day one to end-of-life, providing cost effective on-site support.

The Mooncomputers helpdesk answers, logs, resolves and manages customer calls, enabling delivery of complex support solutions with a simple, friendly service. Our helpdesk solution offers less risk at a lower cost than open market or in house alternatives. Problems can be resolved immediately by phone, or remotely via your desktop. Should this route fail, your issue is escalated to our specialist team, whom will adopt responsibility for all incidents until the issues are resolved. Where an existing third party contract is already in place – we will act on your behalf.

Our telephone support can be offered at a fixed cost, which provides your team with help whenever and wherever they need it. With remote support our engineers are able to share your screen with you, this allows us see exactly what is on your monitor and control your computer from our office.

On site resource

Our rapid response team's objective is resolving your call escalation. The team will rapidly bring your technical issue to a conclusion; whether that is a 'fix' or diagnosis. Information is fed back to our administration teams who can provide you with indicative quotations and honest advice so that you can confidently make your next step decision.

Help desk


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