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Hosted email

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Hosted Exchange is a business-class email messaging service, designed to help your business communicate more efficiently and effectively. with none of the administrative burden.

Hosted email

Each Hosted Exchange mailbox provides you with state-of-the-art productivity, security and privacy, with:

  • 2GB storage per mailbox
  • Full Outlook 2007 functionality
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Mobile Email Connectivity
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam
  • Telephone and Online Application Support
  • 99% network and application uptime
  • Server, network and infrastructure security


Few organisations can manage without a secure and reliable email system. Our email protection service stops unwanted spam blocking up your system and wasting staff time. Better still, if your email server goes down, you can continue to send and receive new emails.

With enhanced security, automated and timely installation of anti-virus, security patches and other software updates, you will be able to fully focus on your core businesses.

Load balanced across our multi server site provides you with additional data protection, within our secure data centre brings business continuity, whilst delivering high availability email services.

With Microsoft Managed Exchange 2007 as the mail server and Microsoft outlook as your client, you and your employees can do more than send and receive email - they can share calendars, folders and contacts. Outlook is available for desktop, browser and mobile access so you are always connected.


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