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Your files are at risk if you don't back them Up! With My Drive Store, your files are backed up safely online. It's quick & easy to setup - it just works!

  • Keeps a copy of your files safely online
  • Constantly monitors your system for new files and changes
  • Unlimited space - backup as much as you want
  • Easy to use - set it up in minutes Totally secure
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Version History Access up to thirty previous versions of any file, so you can roll back at any time.

Full FTP Support Access your Livedrive Briefcase using any FTP client. Supports FTP resume.

Truly Unlimited Backup No limit on storage space or bandwidth. Backup as much as you want.

Easily Restore At Any Time Log in to mydrivestore online to download any file at any time.

Access Your Backups Anywhere View your photos, videos or documents from our secure web portal.

Easy to Install Set it up in minutes. No technical knowledge required.

Completely Hassle Free Constantly backs up files as you work. No awkward schedules or manual tasks.

Completely Secure Your files reside in state of the art data centers using military grade encryption.

Online Only Files Files are usually cached locally but can be stored only online to save disk space.

Super Fast Uploads Livedrive uses advanced technology to maximise the speed of your uploads.

Simple, Secure Online Backup The simplest way to backup your files - set it and forget it!


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